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Servizi per gli studenti

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Uni-Italia Centres abroad provide assistance to foreign students in their home countries with the intention of helping them in choosing a course of study which could suit their personal interests.

Uni-Italia personnel give students useful information about Italian Higher Education System and its organisation in cycles of studies as well as universities` and academies` courses and how to enroll on. Besides, Uni-Italia offices  provide information about scholarships and aid grant offered by some education institutions or the Agency for the Right to Education as well as the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation.

At any Uni-Italia Centre students are also informed about social, academic and cultural life in Italy and how to deal with some bureaucratic issues such as VISAs as well as how to contact University Offices and Public Administration.
Uni-Italia personnel abroad usually organise several informational meeting for students and assist them directly at the offices or by mail, telephone or social network.

The Uni-Italia Association provides assistance to foreign students in Italy and in their home countries with the intention of helping them in choosing a course of studies which could suit  their personal interests. It also assists students in dealing with bureaucratic issues (such as VISAs, contacts with University Offices and Public Administration) along with playing an active role in a new social and cultural context.
Assistance to students starts in their home countries where Uni-Italia Centres are located at Consulate offices.

Students are also assisted by the Hotline service and the mailing service which are available for any problems that may arise on a daily basis.

Welcoming Day
Welcoming events take place as soon as students arrive in Italy and they are organised with the purpose of providing students with initial, useful information about the country, the city in which they are temporarily living and the Academy or the University in which they are going to study.
This is the right moment for students to express any doubts regarding  their time in Italy: the National Coordinator for welcoming and individual tutors are willing to reply to any questions.

Activities for integration
With the objective of  fostering integration and cross-cultural experience, the Association usually organises many extra-curricular activities such as meetings for language exchange during which Italian and foreign students can meet and share their different cultures, lifestyles and studying experiences.

Hotline for Students
+39 06 3691 2651
Monday – Thursday, from 10:00 am to 12:00 pm  (+1GMT) and from 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm