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The Italian Education System

The Italian education system is has public and private universities and AFAM Institutes (Alta Formazione Artistica e Musicale, and caters for more than 300,000 students.
There are currently 96 public and private universities and 12 national research centres.
There are 132 AFAM Institutes which are divided into the sectors of visual arts, music, dance and drama, including 20 state Academies of Fine Arts, 24 legally recognized Academies of Fine Arts, the National Drama Academy, the National Dance Academy, 58 Conservatories, 21 officially recognized Music Institutes, 4 Higher Education Institutes for Artistic Industries (ISIA), 5 Institutions authorized to issue Higher Education qualifications in Arts, Music and Dance.

The Italian Qualifications Framework

The education offered by universities and AFAM Institutes is divided into 3 phases in line with the QF for the EHEA - Qualifications Framework for the European Higher Education Area. and students may enrol after completing 13 years of pre-university education (the European standard is 12 years).

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1st cycle – 2nd cycle – 3rd cycle

UNIVERSITY – Bachelor`s Degree – Master`s Degree/specialized courses – Research doctorate  - Other certificates

AFAM  Higher education in art and music – first-level academic diploma -  Second-level academic diploma – Academic diploma for training in research.


Specialist diplomas

1st level University Master`s Degrees

2nd level University Master`s Degrees

Specialization diploma


Specialist Academic Diploma (1st and 2nd)

Specialization diploma or Master`s  Degree (1st and 2nd)


Higher schools for linguistic mediators (translators) – Diploma of linguistic mediator  (translator)

Specialization Institutes in psychotherapy – specialization diploma in psychotherapy